“I would gladly recommend Sarah Mitchell as a candidate for the school board. I have known Sarah Mitchell for several years. I know Sarah Mitchell through my son’s athletic association and we became friends immediately.

During this time I have found Sarah to be an honest and trustworthy person. Since I have known Sarah she’s been a good and caring friend that I can confide and trust in. I feel Sarah will be a strong and fair board member. Sarah will focus on serving all children to make sure her decisions and actions are in the best interest of the children and the community.

Sarah is the type of person that will listen to all sides and weigh them equally. Sarah will make a fair and prudent decision. If there is more information I can provide please feel free to contact me.”

– Valerie Daniel, Brooklyn Park resident

“Sarah Mitchell is a conscientious, creative, and perceptive person. She has experience in leadership roles and has consistently served with passion and commitment. Her positivity and integrity guide her decisions and problem-solving endeavors. She listens to others with authenticity and responds with thoughtfulness and articulation. Sarah would be a strong advocate for students in the Osseo Area Schools and an exceptional asset to the ISD 279 School Board.”

– Laurie McBride, retired Osseo School District Teacher

“As Sarah’s son Grant’s AAU basketball coach, I have had the privilege of knowing her for the past three years. As a team parent, Sarah displayed kindness, patience, and compassion for all of our team members and parents.  She is truly a servant leader. Through that leadership, she served as a role model and pillar of strength and support for our entire program. It is my pleasure to recommend Sarah to the Osseo school board.”

– Richard Coffey

“Sarah is a wonderful person and a very special part of my life. She is an amazing mother, sister, daughter, wife, mentor, and community leader. She is someone who leads by example and makes the people around her better. She has a loving heart and personality that people gravitate towards. I have known Sarah for over 25 years and I can say without question she wants to make the world a better place. I know she will put everything she has into this position, and the community couldn’t find a better person to join the Osseo school board. 

– Dustin Morse, VP, Communications & Content, Minnesota Twins

“My name is Pa Ann, I had lived and raised 3 amazing boys in Maple Grove for over 10 years, going to Osseo area schools. They all had a successful and fun time in the school district.

I work with the amazing City of Brooklyn Park and her residents.

I have known Sarah for several years as a wonderful person who greatly represents her family and the rest of the community. For several years, our sons play in the same basketball organization as very good friends.

I have no doubt that Sarah will be a great addition to the Osseo School District school board, bringing with her a unique perspective, and ability to effectively engage and collaborate with all and sundry for the best interest of all our students.

Please consider Sarah as your choice for school board member.”

For our students,

Kindly, Pa Ann

“Sarah has a desire to see kids grow and flourish. She is compassionate and patient and wants to help each child excel and be someone others want to be around. She is dedicated to helping children develop strong character and she cares deeply about not just kids, but their families as well.”

– Mandy Moltz, Kids Ministry Director, The Grove Church

“I have known Sarah since her firstborn was going off to kindergarten. She cared so much about the schools back then and I know that care has only intensified in recent years. She is so genuine, loving, authentic, passionate, committed, hard-working, and a strong leader.

She would be a perfect addition to the School Board and I highly recommend her. The Osseo School District will be in great shape with Sarah helping lead the way.”

– Nancy Lindgren, Former Maple Grove Resident

“Sarah Mitchell has a gift for connecting with students and parents.  She has a huge heart and embraces and respects everyone.  Sarah’s presence energizes and uplifts everyone she is around.  When you are in a conversation with her, you feel like you are the only person in the room because of her undivided attention and concern for each person. 

Sarah Mitchell is the real deal because she is constantly driven to make the world better through her selfless actions.  Sarah is a talented communicator who will put the needs of children first and get our schools back to the basics.”

-Carla Nelson, Maple Grove resident

“I have known Sarah Knowlton Mitchell her entire life. She is a special person. First of all she is a compassionate wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. She has always been a doer in a positive and trustworthy manner.

She will look at an issue and work together with others to become a problem solver. She would be a positive intelligent member of any committee.

Throughout her life she has conducted herself in a positive manner, always trying to follow her core values and provide a good example of being a good citizen and team player.

A vote for Sarah Knowlton Mitchell will ensure a fair and equitable perusal of any issue.”

-Steven B. Knowlton, Educator and Coach for all age groups(elementary-adult)for 36 years

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